About WSG


World Series of Golf™ (WSG™) Is a sports & entertainment lifestyle brand.

WSG’s focus is to develop and create branded products, games, media, and entertainment based on The World Series of Golf, a proprietary method of play. The innovative patented golf tournament format combines the skill of golf with the wagering savvy of Texas hold ‘em poker with events played and scheduled in the US and around the Globe.

WSG is a buy-in event for all skill levels available to our members.

  • WSG offers this high class, high stakes, and high-octane event played for cash and prizes.
  • WSG’s patented format combines the wagering savvy of Texas hold ‘em poker with the skill of golf, causing high stakes thrills that unfold with every shot.
  • WSG is all about gamesmanship. Members have chances to win a spot in the coveted WSG Championships by participating in the WSG Tour throughout the year.

This High Stakes internationally televised event is invite only, and to its members*.

The events have taken place in Las Vegas where members compete for a chance at the purse of up to $250,000 in cash and prizes and the coveted World Series of Golf Crown.

WSG Satellite Tournaments

WSG satellites are the only way to qualify for the WSG Championship for members*. A WSG title is considered to be one of the elite titles in tournament golf. The goal of satellites is to give members with smaller bankrolls the ability to win their way in to play in larger, higher buy-in events.

All you have to do is finish in the top position to gain entry to larger events. Satellites are great for players who have smaller bankrolls but have the skills to play the game. Our members are able to enjoy our tournaments, winning cash and prizes as well as advancing in our national leaderboard.

WSG Circuit Events

WSG circuit events are extreme high-roller VIP invite only tournaments. With buy-ins starting at $25,000, this exciting series showcases some of golf and poker’s top players competing alongside the world’s wealthiest amateur enthusiasts for a chance at up to millions in cash and prize pools at some of the most incredible golf destinations around the globe.

The WSG Championship

WSG Championship Finals is a three-day golf competition unlike any traditional golf tournament. It’s a hole-by-hole, hit and bet, no limit amateur prize tournament played on a professional 18-hole golf course. Each hole is played in a manner similar to a hand of Texas hold ’em, where playing groups of three to six competitors will test their skills of golf against their poker strategy.

As members are eliminated strategies may change, but the desire to win the prize only intensifies.

Each member is permitted to bring a financial advisor/caddy on course with him/her. Members start at the tee with a set purse. A percentage of the purse is an automatic ante that doubles every three holes. This is a Texas hold ‘em no limit modified match play. Once members have hit their tee shots, they wager against other members in their group as to who will win the hole. If a member does not like their shot, doesn’t like the bet, or is just protecting their purse, they may fold their hand, pick up their ball and move on to the next tee, losing what they have committed to the pot.

When a member can no longer match the ante on the upcoming tee box, they are eliminated from the match.

The objective is simple – take all the money out of the other members’ purses. Members will play against those with similar skills within their group. These events will be televised nationally and internationally. If you make it to the WSG Championship tournament, you’ll have the chance at a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play with some of the best golf and poker players in the world.

*WSG reserves the right to invite non members on a case by case basis.

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