All In: to place all of your remaining money into the pot.

Ante: a predetermined amount each competitor must add to the pot prior to hitting their tee shots.

Bank Roll: the amount of money each competitor has in his/her possession.

Button: a figurative classification which determines which competitor will bet and hit first, which rotates every hole through each group in the same order throughout the round.

Call: to match a bet made by a preceding competitor in order to stay in a hole. 

Check: if no bet has been made, a competitor may pass on his/her option to bet giving the option to the next competitor in the order of the group.

Current Bet: the total amount of money contributed by all of the competitors in the group at any given time on a hole.

Fold: to concede the hole by surrendering his/her ante and all bets made to that point on that hole.

  1. Order of Play

Establishing the Order of Play: On the first tee, there will be a random draw to determine the set order of play for that round. Once that order is established, Competitor A will have the honor and the button on the first hole.  Competitor B, C, D, etc… will play in order (i.e. A, B, C, D). On hole #2, the order will be B, C, D, A, and so on. In a four competitor group Competitor A receives the button back on the fifth hole assuming all competitors are still in.

2) Antes

Antes are Required: Each competitor is required to ante a predetermined amount prior to play on each hole. 

How the Ante Amount is Determined: Each competitor’s bank will be the same at the start of the game. The 1st hole ante will be 1% of that amount. The ante doubles every three holes through eighteen.

Not Having Enough to Ante: Should a competitor not have enough money to pay the entire ante on a given hole that competitor will be immediately eliminated and his/her remaining cash will be placed into the pot of the hole being played. For example, if a competitor does not have enough money to pay the ante on the 16th tee, he/she is eliminated from the competition and his/her remaining money will be put into the pot for the 16th hole.

3) Betting

Rounds of Betting: THERE’S A BET ON EVERY SHOT: The Competitor with the button sets the standard by either placing a bet, checking, or folding prior to their second shot. Competitors will then have the opportunity to call, raise, or fold on the bet. If a competitor decides to raise on his/her turn, the following competitors can call, raise, or fold the hole. After all competitors had a chance to call, raise or fold the competitor with the button can fold or match any bets or raises, but no additional raises to the bet can be placed after the first round of betting. If everyone checks during a round of betting, competitors will then hit their shot in the order of play for that hole. This format will continue on each shot until a competitor finishes the hole traditionally or earlier if all competitors have folded.

4) Penalties & Disqualification

Procedure for Penalty Strokes: Due to unique gameplay, WSG does not have penalty strokes as defined in normal golf game rules and each stroke counts. If a competitor incurs a “penalty stroke”, he/she must count his/her penalty stroke as a shot under the betting format. For example, if he/she hits his/her tee shot in the water, his/her “second shot” is the penalty stroke (i.e. the “drop” or “re-tee”) and he/she must participate in the betting prior to the second shots to remain in the hole. His/Her third shot would be played only after  he/she has participated in the third shot round of betting and he/she plays in order of the button. 

5) Rules of Play

Betting Time-Limit: A competitor will have no more than 30 seconds to place a bet when his/her turn to place a bet arrives. For example, when the competitor with the button makes his/her bet on a given round of shots each competitor has 30 seconds to make a bet, raise or fold when it is his/her turn. Failure to place a bet under these time limits will result in disqualification from the current hole.

Shot Clock: A competitor will be required to play his/her shot within 60 seconds. A warning notification will be displayed when 15 seconds are remaining and failure to execute a shot under these time limits will result in disqualification from the current hole.